Agendas 2023

January 2023.pdf
D001 - Review of effectiveness of internal audit 22-23.pdf
D002 - Internal Control Policy.pdf
D003 - Financial Risk and Reserves Policy.pdf
D004 - Budget Comparison 2020-2024.pdf
D005 - 2023-24 RFO Budget report and recommendation.pdf
D006 - 2023-24 Budget breakdown and reserves balance.pdf
D007 - Precept.pdf
D008 - Financial Statement.pdf
February Agenda.pdf
D9-23 - SZ save our stores grant application.pdf
D10-23 - FINANCIAL STATEMENT FOR STPC MEETING 20th February 2023.pdf
March 2023.pdf
D11.23 - Hedgehog Highway.pdf
D12.23 - Financial Statement for 20.3.23.pdf
APRIL 2023.pdf
D13.23 - Financial Statement yearend 31.3.23.pdf
D014.23 - Scheme of Delegation.pdf
D015.23 - Fixed Assets and Long Term Investments.pdf
D016.23 - Payment Mandate 2023-24.pdf
D017.23 - NTTC Banking and signatories review May 2023.pdf
D018.23 - Cllrs appointments.pdf
D019.23 - Meeting Dates 2023-24.pdf
D020.23 - Internal Audit Report.pdf
D021.23 - Assertions.pdf
D022.23 - AnnualReturnForm3_2022-23_e (1).pdf
D022a.23 - Reserves 2022-23.pdf
D022b.23 - Bank Reconciliation Summary.pdf
D022c..23 - RP Explanation of variances.pdf
D023.23 - Financial Statement for 15.5.23.pdf
JUNE 2023.pdf
Financial Statement for 19.6.23.pdf
Review of effectiveness of internal audit 22-23 audit.pdf
Financial Statement for 17.7.23.pdf
Conclusion of External Audit 2022-23.pdf
Financial Statement for 18.9.23.pdf
Bus stop Parish Council .pdf
CAB Grant request.pdf
Financial Statement 16.10.23.pdf
November 2023.pdf
Rural Services Network Membership.pdf
Financial Statement 20.11.23.pdf
Financial Statement 18.12.23.pdf