Policies, Codes and Standing Orders

Policies Governing Meetings

These are some of the most essential policies of the Council; the Standing Orders and the Code of Conduct.

The Policy regarding the filming and recording of Local Council and Committee meetings is relevant to how meetings are conducted.

Standing Orders.pdf
Financial Regulations.pdf
Code of Conduct.pdf

Employment Policies

As an employer, the Council has certain responsibilities. The policies below govern how Council interacts as an employer. Currently the sole employee of the Council is the parish clerk.

Dignity at Work, Bullying and Harassment Policy.docx
Disciplinary procedure.docx
Equal Opportunities Policy.doc
Grievance Procedure.docx
Lone Working Policy.docx

Financial Policies

The following policies dictate some of Council's financial behaviours.

Parish Council Expenses policy 14.doc
004 Risk Management Policy.pdf
003 Internal Control Policy.pdf
Reserves Policy.pdf
Financial Regulations.pdf

Data and Information

All the below policies, notices and guides cover Council's behaviour regarding data protection and freedom of information.

Data Protection Policy.docx
Privacy Policy.docx
Retention Policy and Schedule.docx
Subject Access Request Policy.docx
Privacy notice - parishioners.docx
Publication Scheme.docx


These policies cover a range of topics.

Grant Awarding Policy.docx
Petitions Policy.docx
Co-option procedure and policy.docx
D011.21 - 2021-22 Action Plan.pdf
D012.21 - Mission Statement.pdf