Fire Service

Devon and Cornwall Fire Service work with the Parish Council to keep the parish safe. The Fire Service have discussed parking problems with us before, making it clear that there is a problem with obstructive parking in the village that prevents a fire engine from reaching some buildings, including the school, in the event of fire. It is worth noting that they are entitled to push vehicles out of the way in an emergency. We have been advised that official advice from the Fire Service to the Parish Council will come through, or from, the Station Manager in Okehampton and other communication cannot be considered official correspondence from the Fire Service.

The Fire Service have worked with the school to discuss this problem and to seek potential solutions.

The Fire Service is also keen to focus on prevention, via (among other things) Fire Home Safety Checks. If you know someone vulnerable who may benefit from one of these checks then please contact the Fire Service.

There are problems with recruitment in this area - if you would be interested then please contact the Fire Service!