Building and Land Assets

The fixed asset register of Council is updated every year and approved by our internal auditor - each year's register can be viewed on the accounts section for each financial year. To make it easier to view, Council has provided a list here of what assets are owned.

Fixed Assets and Long Term Investments 31.3.22.pdf

Building Assets

The Parish Council owns and maintains:

  • 3 bus shelters

  1. Ford Cross

  2. Hillfield

  3. Prospect

  • 5 dog waste bins

  1. South Zeal, Ramsley Moor by the Rising Sun

  2. South Zeal, by the Primary School

  3. South Zeal, on Ramsley Lane

  4. South Tawton, by the church near letter box.

  5. Not yet installed

  • 5 BT K6 kiosks

  1. Taw Green

  2. Hillfield/The Croft

  3. St Mary's Chapel (South Zeal)

  4. Hillcrest (South Tawton)

  5. East Week (Week Cross)

The Parish Council maintains the public toilets situated in the Recreation Ground but does not own them.

The Parish Council are custodial trustees for the Victory Hall.

Land Assets

The Parish Council owns the village greens in South Tawton (called Cross Tree or South Tawton Square) and in South Zeal (Greenbank) although this ownership is currently unregistered with the Land Registry.

The Parish Council does not currently own any allotments in the parish, but there is money kept in trust from the sale of allotment land to allow for more allotments to be created if requested.

The Parish Council does not own the Recreation Ground.