Agenda - December.pdf
D056 - DCC ECO Consultation.pdf
D056a - Gov 10 point plan.pdf
D057 - South Tawton Community_Emergency_Plan_141220 Rev 1 REDACTED.pdf
D058 - Reserves Policy.pdf
D059 - Draft Budget report 2021-22.pdf
D060 - December 2020.pdf
Agenda November.pdf
D053 - Community Response Team (1).pdf
D053a - Draft emergency plan.pdf
D054 - Taw Green to South Tawton EX20 2LU.pdf
D055 - November 2020 Financial Statement.pdf
Agenda October.pdf
D039 - MHCLG-Planning-Consultation web.pdf
D039a - Planning consultation points.pdf
D044 - Review of effectiveness of internal audit.pdf
D045 - Devon Emergency Resilience Fund Application Sept2018.pdf
D046 - KATANA label 2017.pdf
D046a - KATOUN_ GOLD_Label.pdf
D047 - Mineral Stone info board.pdf
D048 - Public Hatherleigh scheme List 2020 onwards.pdf
D048a - Works Priority.pdf
D049 - South Zeal School safety concerns.pdf
D050 - Community Response Team.pdf
D051 - 201002-Parish-Consultation-Questionnaire.pdf
D051a - Settlement-Profile-South-Tawton.pdf
D051b - Settlement-Profile-South-Zeal.pdf
D052 - Financial Statement October 2020.pdf
Agenda September.pdf
D033 - Meetings Risk Assessment for COVID19.pdf
D034 - South Tawton PC IA report.pdf
D035 - Notice Board options.pdf
D036 - Councillors Roles.pdf
D037 - DCC Local FRM Strategy 2020_Consultation Draft.pdf
D037a - Devon LFRMS 2020 Environmental Report.pdf
D037b - Devon LFRMS 2020 Scoping Report.pdf
D038 - weedkiller route.pdf
D039 - MHCLG-Planning-Consultation web.pdf
D039a - Planning consultation points.pdf
D040 - Changes_to_the_current_planning_system_FINAL_version.pdf
D040a - Changes to the current planning system.pdf
D041 - 2021 Salary Award.pdf
D042 - ODCTG grant app 2020.pdf
D043 - Financial Statement July to September 2020.pdf
Agenda July.pdf
June Minutes - Draft.pdf
D030 - 2020-21 Action Plan.pdf
D031 - Notice Board options.pdf
D032 - June 2020.pdf
Agenda June.pdf
March Draft Minutes.pdf
D019-20 - Restated Certificate of Exemption 2018-19.pdf
D020-20 -Internal Control Policy 2020 DRAFT.pdf
D021-20 - South Tawton PC IA report.pdf
D022-20 - Annual Governance Statement.pdf
D023-20 - Annual Accounting Statements.pdf
D024-20 - Certificate of Exemption.pdf
D025-20 - Exercise of Public rights.pdf
D026-20 - 4th qtr budget report 2019-20.pdf
D027-20 - March Financial Statement and year-end bank reconciliation.pdf
D028-20 - April Financial Statement and bank reconciliation.pdf
D029-20 - May Financial Statement and bank reconciliation.pdf
Agenda March.pdf
D013.20 Delegation to the Clerk 2020.pdf
D014.20 Understanding WCAG 2.pdf
D015.20 Staff Appraisal Policy.pdf
D016.20 Ramsley Common Tender 2020.pdf
D017.20 2020-21 Regular Payment Mandate.pdf
D018.20 March 2020 Financial Statement.pdf
Agenda February.pdf
D005.20 2019 STPC Councillor attendance.pdf
D006.20 Councillor responsibilities.pdf
D008.20 roundup-provantage-2020.pdf
D008.20 Roundup toxicity.pdf
D009.20 3rd qtr budget report 2019-20.pdf
D010.20 SZBTG grant application form 29.01.20 (1).pdf
D011.20 EDF contract renewal Toilet Block.pdf
D012.20 Feb 2020 Financial Statement.pdf
Agenda January.pdf
D001.20 Strengthening_police_powers_to_tackle_unauthorised_encampments.pdf
D003.20 Meeting Dates 2020 - 2021.pdf
D004.20 Jan 2020 Financial Statement.pdf