Agendas 2017

All meetings of the Parish Council are public and we are always happy to see parishioners attend. There is a section at the beginning of each meeting called 'Questions from Parishioners' where we are happy to take any queries. If you have a question but are unable to attend the meeting, then contact a councillor who will speak on your behalf, or contact the clerk ( who is also happy to raise questions for you. Only councillors can request items to go on the agenda. If you let the chairman know that you are attending for a particular discussion then we will attempt to accommodate you.

The agenda for each meeting will be posted here 3 clear working days before a meeting, along with any meeting papers. Three clear working days does include Saturdays so agendas for the following Monday will normally be posted on a Tuesday, but will occasionally be on a Wednesday. Agendas are not normally able to be amended once issued.

Meeting Papers for each meeting can also be found here where doing so would not constitute a breach in data protection - if you would like any more information about papers you see then please contact the clerk.

Agenda 139 January.docx
Agenda 140 February.docx
Agenda 141 March.docx
Agenda 142 April.docx
Agenda 143 May (Annual Meeting).docx
Agenda 144 June.docx
Agenda 145 July.docx
Agenda 146 August.docx
Agenda 147 September.docx
Agenda 148 October.docx
Agenda 149 November.docx
Agenda 150 December.docx