Agendas 2019

Agendas 2019

All meetings of the Parish Council are public and we are always happy to see parishioners attend. There is a section at the beginning of each meeting for public participation; the rules for this section of public participation can be found below. If you have a question but are unable to attend the meeting, then contact a councillor who will speak on your behalf, or contact the clerk ( who is impartial and can raise questions or comments for you.

The agenda for each meeting will be posted here 3 clear working days before a meeting, along with any meeting papers.

Meeting Papers for each meeting can also be found here where doing so would not constitute a breach in data protection - if you would like any more information about papers you see then please contact the clerk. Draft policies will be shown here as part of the meeting papers and once approved, will appear on our Policies, Codes and Standing Orders page.

Public Participation - the Parish Council holds a public participation session before each meeting, starting at 19.30. In accordance with the Standing Orders, the public participation session will be for a maximum of 21 minutes in total. During this time, only one member of the public is permitted to speak at a time and for no longer than 3 minutes. Comments should be directed to the chairman of the meeting; questions shall not require a response at the meeting nor start a debate. Anyone who disturbs the proceedings may be required to withdraw. Following the public participation session, the Council meeting will begin; members of the public are not entitled to speak during the Council meeting. Groups attending the meeting with the same interest may appoint a spokesperson, but that spokesperson will still only be entitled to 3 minutes.

Agenda December.pdf
AD051 -Letter from Lynton and Lymouth Town Mayor.pdf
AD052 - Local Electricity Bill Campaign.pdf
AD052a - Local Electricity Bill.pdf
AD053 - DNPA South Zeal Carpark report.pdf
AD047 - GDPR Device options.pdf
AD048 - Draft Mission Statement.pdf
AD049 - Projector and screen costings.pdf
AD050 - Consultation.pdf
AD054 - Draft Budget and precept 2020-21.pdf
Agenda November.pdf
D041 - 191109 1010 Block Plan print.pdf
D042 - 190703 Gound mount 10MW Preliminary A2 Landscape Location Plan.pdf
D043 - GDPR Business Case.pdf
D044 - Devon Highways - Update - ENQ191260542.pdf
D045 - Notice Board options.pdf
D045a - Notice Board options 2.pdf
D046 - CAB grant application.pdf
Agenda October.pdf
AD036 - Hydrologic Managed Solution Agreement.pdf
AD037 - Asset Inspection.pdf
AD038 - DNPA Letter to Parish Councils - annual pass.pdf
AD039 - Local_Government_Finance_Settlement_2020-21_Technical_Consultation_.pdf
AD040 - October Financial Statement.pdf
Agenda 169 September.pdf
AD030 - Council Tax Support Grant for 2020-21 (1).pdf
AD031 - Polling Station Consultation.pdf
AD032 - parish-councils-own-device-fact-sheet (1).pdf
AD033 - Fixed Assets 2019.pdf
AD034 - Local council charter toolkit v12.pdf
AD035 - IA Contract.pdf
AD036 - Defibrillator Options.pdf
AD037 - September Financial Statement.pdf
Agenda 169 August epcm.pdf
Agenda 168 July.pdf
19.19 - Public Rights of Way.pdf
22.19 - UYOD.pdf
24.19 DSFRS Service Delivery Proposals.pdf
26.19 Social Media.pdf
28.19 ST PCC Grant 2019.pdf
20.19 - Freeman Scroll.pdf
23.19 VE DAY - 8TH MAY 2020.pdf
25.19 Stagecoach SW Conference.pdf
27.19 Carpark Signage.pdf
29.19 1st qtr budget report.pdf
Agenda 167 June.pdf
13.19 - DCC Doing What Matters.pdf
14-19 - Welcome to Dartmoor Project Overview.pdf
15.19 - Parishioner correspondence.pdf
16.19 - Rural Futures Presentation Schedule.pdf
17.19 - Councillor courses.pdf
18.19 - Public Rights of Way.pdf
20.19 - Freeman Scroll.pdf
21.19 - Year end accounts 2018-19.pdf
22.19 - internal review recommendation.pdf
18.19 - Councillor responsibilities.pdf
Agenda 166 May (annual meeting).docx
Data Protection Breach Response.docx
Internal Financial Control Group.docx
Employment Sub-Committee Delegation and Terms of Reference.docx
Meeting Dates 2019 - 2020.docx
Attendance Register 2018 - 2019.docx
General Power of Competence guide.docx
Delegation to the Clerk.docx
Membership of other bodies.docx


Agenda 165 April.docx


Agenda 164 March.docx
Response to complaint.pdf
Letter from Sticklepath Parish Council.pdf


Agenda 163 February.docx
Precept Recommendations 2019-2020.docx
Election timeline.docx


Agenda 162 January.docx
Finance 2019 -2020.xlsx
Election timeline.docx
Evidence regarding complaint.docx